Keep The Target Device In Mind

Mobile devices tend to display templates differently.  Templates targeted at a specific device or devices should utilise form items which display best on those devices. For example if you are designing for use on both Android and Apple devices, then add Link Commands even if using tabs for navigation. Navigation between cards will then be enabled using link commands on devices that do not support showing cards as tabs.

Keep Item Labels Short

The screen size and resolution of mobiles varies greatly. Smaller resolution screens tend to use larger fonts and cannot display much text. As a result, it is generally better to keep labels as short as possible whilst still keeping them meaningful.

Choose Semantic External Labels

When setting the value for an export label, consider a short but meaningful label. This will make it easier when using the data to make documents or integrate with other systems. In general export labels should be unique within a template but that is not a requirement.


On tablet devices and those with larger screens consider enabling the following options: