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  1.  My logins don’t work. First up, check that you have a mobile account. Then,  do you have the  right details and are you entering your logins exactly as they appear in your Mobile account. Remember they  are case sensitive. Sometimes you can simply be using the wrong logins. This is easy to do when you have many. For example if you are both the Admin for AMS and you also have a Mobile Account, sometimes you can be trying to use your AMS Web logins to login to your mobile account on the device. It’s happened! 
    1. I can’t seem to download AMS onto my device. This can sometimes be because of the device you are using.If you are using an Android device you have to go to Settings first and tick Unknown sources. This can be in Applications or in the Security section of Settings.  It can be in different places on different models. We update the wiki when we find a new location.   If you are using an Apple device, AMS is only accessible through your business’s VPP or Enterprise licence. It is not downloadable directly from the retail App store. Another common message is around Parsing. If you get a message that mentions this, then you are trying to download a version of AMS that requires a different device OS. For example: your device may be running an older Android version - less than 5 - and you are trying to load an AMS version that only works on 5+.
  2. Your device can’t connect to the network.Test the connectivity by:

    1. Trying to Open AMS and go to Setting/Menu (Hamburger bars) and select Test Connection. This tells you that AMS is connecting or not. If this is not happening then it's generally a Network issue.
    2. If you can't do this, try to access another web based app. This will also tell you that the device is connecting to the internet.Moving If this is not happening then it's generally a Network issue.
    3. Move physically outside. Sometimes you can be in dead areas for mobile connections. i.e. areas with lots of concrete. 
    4. Check that your device is  using an Operating System (OS) for which there is an AMS build.
    5. Recheck the process @

  3. Message sending status. The icons beside the messages mean:

    Green tick = send ok
    Blue Wifi = transmitting
    Pencil = draft message, not sent
    Red Clock = waiting send (usually failed to send and retrying)
    Red Cross = send failed

    If the send fails, then you can open the message and do a manual resend.