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This section of the wiki provides information for Developers wishing to interact with AMS from other programs or systems.

AMS System Overview

AMS is a web-2-mobile system for sending and receiving structured messages to mobile phones. Structured means both that the presentation of the message to the user is done via a customizable form and in that the message content is delivered or sent via XML to external systems. more...

Web Service API

The AMS Developer API is provided as a web service in both SOAP 1.2 and REST styles. Methods are provided for sending and receiving messages as well as performing administration tasks such as adding new message boxes. More information can be found on the Web Service API page.


Routes can be used to transform the content of messages into document formats such as Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets and PDF files. They can do this as each message arrives, after a limit is reached, at a repeating interval or a set time. More information can be found on the Routes page.


Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ page.


A glossary of the terms used in AMS system can be found here.

Testing Templates

You can use the J2ME emulator to run AMS on your PC and test an AMS template before deploying onto a handset. See this page for more information, J2ME Emulator. For BlackBerry testing you can use the BlackBerry Emulator.

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