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This user guide has been replaced with a new version here, AMS User Guide.


AMS is a service that allows you to create mobile forms and send / receive messages, containing these forms, to / from phones from / to computers. It is composed of several co-operating applications and is designed to be quick and easy to use. This guide will help you to become familiar with the different parts of this service and to help you compose your own mobile forms.

AMS Compatible Devices

For a list of the current AMS compatible phones see this page: AMS Compatible Devices.

Installing AMS Onto A Phone

The general steps for installing AMS onto a phone are:

  1. Check you have a compatible phone.
  2. Check you have the right data plan.
  3. Visit  from your phone.
  4. Click the link that matches your device's make and model.
  5. Follow the instructions on your phone.

More information can be found on the Phone Setup page. For help configuring your phone to connect to the internet see Service Configuration.


AMS provides a Web Service API for integration with external systems. More information can be found in the Developer Section of the wiki.

Creating Your Own Templates

The Templates section of the guide covers creating templates and their composite elements. Mobile Accounts takes you through creating mobile user accounts. The Quick Start Tutorial will show you how to create a simple timesheet form.

The Template Design Tips page covers some general rules of thumb that will help in making better looking more usable templates.

How AMS Works

The System Overview page contains a description of the general AMS system design and message flow.

Customer Case Studies

These are located on our website