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Editing Groovy Scripts


It is not possible in standard AMS accounts to edit Groovy scripts directly. If you would like to use a Groovy script as part of a Route please contact support at

Groovy is an agile and dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine. It is used in Template Routes to transform data as well as evaluate conditionals. Using a Groovy script provides an easy way to manipulate message data in various ways such as formatting dates and lists, calculating values or changing message structure. To learn more about Groovy visit

AMS uses the GroovyShell method of embedding for evaluating expressions. For Groovy route transformations and conditonals the entire Route Context is set to the binding variable 'context'.

Useful Groovy Script Snippets

Here are some useful snippets from some Groovy scripts we have used in the past to alter the message content in order to make it easier to process in a document.

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