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You can test your Templates for the BlackBerry version of AMS by using an emulator from RIM. You need two different emulators. The MDS Services Simulator and the Smartphone Simulator.

MDS Services Simulator

The MDS Services Simulator provides a data connection the Smartphone Simulator can use to connect to the internet and ultimately the AMS server. You can download the simulator from the current version is BlackBerry email and MDS services simulator package v4.1.4.

Smartphone Simulator

The Smartphone Simulator provides software emulation of a particular BlackBerry Device and Platform. There is a range of simulators available for various models and carriers. You can download one from here

Once installed start the MDS Services Simulator first then the Smartphone Simulator otherwise it can have problems connecting to the internet. Once started you can install AMS as you would on a physical BlackBerry device see the BlackBerry Setup page for more details.

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