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In general AMS works on Android and iOS devices. The latest version of AMS requires Android 5.0+ and  iOS 11.0. Older versions are available for earlier devices.  Contact AMS support ( for details about a specific device.

Device Compatability


We recommend checking AMS will work on your device before making any bulk purchases. We can assist to discuss the options that best suit your needs. In many cases existing devices can be used.




Device typeDeployment OptionsTested
iPhoneAvailable through the VPP or Enterprise Licence programs

iPadAvailable through the VPP or Enterprise Licence programs

iPodAvailable through the VPP or Enterprise Licence programs

Links to iOS deployment options

For both of these options you need a Duns number.

In New Zealand you ring Dun and Bradstreet.

Ring: 0800 362 222


If you have your Company Incorporation number, you may get your Duns number on the spot.

Option One: Volume Purchase Program (VPP)


For VPP we'll need your account name with Apple and we have to customise AMS before submitting to Apple for review. The customisation is usually just a case of applying your organisations logo to the splash image within AMS. Please email a high resolution logo to for use in the application.

Before submitting we also need some feedback on the changes we've made to AMS for your account.. To do this please add one device to our TestFlight account via the (visit from the desired test device). The TestFlight service will allow us to send you  a test copy of AMS with the modifications for review.

Option Two: Enterprise Licence


Once you have an Enterprise Developer account for which there is an annual fee ( US$300 approx)  we need to build and sign AMS with your  Distribution certificate (if they have already created one).

Basically we need to build the app with your Enterprise Provisioning Profile:

There is a further one off charge for Signing AMS with your Distribution certificate and purchase of  Signature component.

This is NZ$480  GST incl.


Version 2.0+ of AMS for Android requires OS 5.0+ or greater to run. Version 1.8.2 is the last version to run on Android 4.0+. Version 1.8.1 is the last version to run on 2.2+.


No longer supported. Can be run on BlackBerry OS 7 devices.


No longer supported. Can be run on MIDP 2.1 compatible devices.